Tax on Properties Acquired by Donation

The taxation regime for properties acquired by donation is regulated in Articles 44-51 of the Local Taxes and Fees Law.

Scope of taxation

Properties acquired by donation shall be subject to tax.

Non-taxable persons

No tax shall be levied on any properties acquired by donation between lineal relatives and between spouses.

Taxable Persons

Taxable persons shall be the transferees of properties.

Taxable Amount

The base for assessment of the tax shall be the assessed value of the property in lev terms at the time of the transfer. The property shall be valued as follows:

Corporation Tax in Bulgaria

The corporation tax regime is regulated in the Corporate Income Tax Law.

Scope of taxation

Corporation tax is levied on:

the profit accruing to resident legal persons;
the profit accruing to resident legal persons which are not merchants, including the organizations of the religious denominations, from any transactions covered under Article 1 of the Commerce Law , as well as from letting movable and immovable property;
the profit accruing to non-resident legal persons from a permanent establishment in the Republic of Bulgaria.
the profit from the activity of certain organizers of games of chance.
Taxable Persons


The licence tax is levied according to the procedure established by the Local Taxes and Fees Act

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